Television is a good escape from everyday life, this may explain why there are so many TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life. While viewers may root for them an want to see them together, they still leave fans shaking their heads and wondering how in the world they ever ended up together. In real life these couples would likely end up looking for a good divorce attorney to handle their case and protect their interest. Read on for some television couples who got together despite the odds.

Mr Big and Carrie

Mr Big and Carrie have a host of issues that should have prevented them from being a couple. Carrie knows that Big is not faithful, after all, Carrie was his lady on the side to begin with. She also knows that he has commitment issues. He’s let her down so many times before, this would always be a thought in here head. He even left her at the alter. Carrie herself, has commitment issues, she broke out in a rash when she was trying on wedding gowns during her time with Aiden. It is hard to believe that these two could change enough to have a committed relationship with one another.

Monica and Richard

Even if everyone could overlook the age issue between Monica and Richard, it would be difficult for these two to overcome the generation gap between them. Richard was a friend of the family. Imagine the awkward holiday dinners when Monica’s Dad has to see his own friend in a romantic relationship with his daughter. Eventually, these things would interfere with the relationship and cause one or both of them to find it hard to overlook.

Penny and Leonard

While it’s perfectly in the realm of possibility that the nerdy guy would end up with the pretty girl, these two are so opposite, it’s hard to believe they inhabit the same planet. They have very little in common. Both of them find themselves explaining things in their life to one another. They have no common interests. Penny herself shares laughs at the expense of Leonard. This would likely cause hurt feelings and friction in the future.

The above couples might be good examples of Mr and Mrs wrong. However, any relationship can have ups and downs, and may not last. When that happens, it’s important to work through things as adults.